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The Problem

How can we create a brand identity that resonates today, but also fits in seamlessly 10 years down the road?

Hummingbird Inn is a bed and breakfast in Easton, Maryland. Eric Levinson, the inn’s owner and operator, tapped Brunch Digital to help him create a brand and website that reflected the inn’s warm and welcoming personality. For Eric, the inn is much more than just a place to spend a night. He strove to create a warm, welcoming environment that served as a social gathering place.

Phase 1

Brand Design

Chris Sledge and I teamed up to develop a logo and visual brand that would not just look great and fit in now, but would also feel lasting and timeless in the future.

Our process began with moodboards, allowing us to nail down a color scheme and visual direction before we even began logo design. The moodboard armed us with a better idea of where we wanted to go with the visual direction before we even began sketching.

After a lengthy sketching process, we came up with 5 different directions to present that reflected the values discussed during discovery.

We eventually settled on a more literal interpretation of a hummingbird. The logomark is immediately recognizable, yet adabaple enough to apply to every form of collateral Eric used in the marketing of his new venture.

Phase 2

Interface Design

When designing the actual interface of the site, we introduced elements that reflected the true essence of the brand: light, fluttery animations; a balanced, fresh color scheme; and playful typography. We wanted to make the experience on the website as clear and headache-free as possible, and given that over half of users would be viewing the web page on their smartphones, it was imperative that we designed with a mobile-first approach. We strove to make sure each user would have the same fluid experience regardless of what device they were using.

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