GDES210: Introduction to Typography

Spring 2019 / American University Department of Graphic Design

Instructor: Tyler Berg

During this course, we will cover an introduction to the basics of typography – including both theory and technical application. Through lectures, readings, and discussions, students will explore type practices in multiple contextual forms: analog, kinetic, and digital. We will analyze the history of various type and design movements to inform practical design thinking.

  • Students will discuss theory and analysis of letter forms as both design and symbol.
  • Analyze type faces, arrangement, and setting.
  • Explore of the use of typographic resources to create hierarchy, enhance communication and support meaning.
  • Understand how fundamental typographic principles translate to digital design.

All dates and future assignments are subject to change. Check back regularly for up-to-date information.

Day 01: 01/14/19, No Class (University Closed/Inclement Weather)
Due at Next Class
  • Lupton Reading (pg. 12-35)
  • Sign up for our class Slack channel (and upload profile image)
  • Fill out class intro survey on Typeform

Day 02: 01/16/19

  • Introduction to course and instructor
  • Review of syllabus and course schedule
  • Review of Exercise 1
  • InDesign Demo
Due at Next Class
  • Acquire class supplies (list on syllabus) and textbook
  • Lupton Reading (pg. 36-47)
Day 03: 01/21/19, No Class (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)

Day 04: 01/23/19

  • Type Anatomy Lecture
  • Work time in class on Exercise 1
Due at Next Class
  • Exercise 1 Due, Submitted to Blackboard
  • Review for Quiz

Day 05: 01/28/19

  • Quiz on Lupton Readings and Type Anatomy Lecture
  • Introduction to Project 1, begin sketching
Due at Next Class
  • Bring in 3 examples of type crimes. Post in Slack Channel.
  • Choose word selection for Project 1. Complete first 25 sketches for review in class
  • Lupton Reading (pg. 48-59)